Friday, March 26, 2010

Sport is War! Are you ready for the battle?

At Titan Sports Performance and Physical Therapy, we have trained some of the best athletes in the world and through this training have a window into what are some of the most important ingredients to make a champion.

This Blog is devoted to evaluating what goes into the training of a world class athlete and also what lessons can be learned from these experiences and our study of human performance.

At Titan we categorize the ingredients of peak athletic performance into the following categories. Each of these categories has an important role in sport and in life.

1. Character and Integrity
2. Discipline
3. Attitude, Motivation, Desire
4. Long term training strategy
5. Biomechanical integrity
6. Functional Movement integrity
7. Functional Power
8. Maximum Sustained functional power
9. Sports specific Cardiovascular fitness
10. Short term training tactics
11. Recovery , Nutrition, Structured Rest
12. Genetic and Epigenetic influences

These 12 broad categories are individually important and collectively necessary to produce championship levels of performance. I believe the ingredients above are in order of importance. Oftentimes the first three categories are overlooked today. Ask any coach and they will tell you that you can have all the genetic gifts in the world and that without the right mental approach you will not reach the pinnacle of performance or life.

I will be discussing these subjects in an order that I think is the easiest to understand and will help someone develop a strategy for realizing the maximum of an athlete’s genetic potential.

With that in mind let’s introduce the concept of genetics (genome) and how you influence those genetics through training to elicit an adaptation that supports performance in a sport. (epigenetic)  How can training result in a positive expression for sport in the genes that you have inherited? How important is this?
To be continued…….

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